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ABOUT US. The Company.
Perfetti Van melle is a privately owned company, producing and distributing candies and chewing gums in more than 130 countries worldwide. The company was estabilished in march 2001 through the merger of perfetti S.p.A. and Van Melle NV. In july 2006 the Group acquired the Spanish company Chupa-Chups, thus strengthening its position as the 3rd largest conefctionesy (sugar confectionery + gums) Group in the world, and becoming the first player in the global sugar confectionery market. It is now the 3rd largest confectioney group in the world, and the first tobe present in the main Asian markets. Employing over 14.000 people and operating 32 companies throught the world, Perfetti van Melle has a true global reach: it is present in the asia Pacific Region, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas. Its corporate headquarters are located in Lainate (Italy) and in Breda (the Netherlands). Several of its brands are households names and are much-loved throughout the five continents. SMINT, CHUPA CHUPS, MENTOS, FRISK FRUITTELLA, ALPENLIEBE, GOLIA, HAPPYDENT, VIVIDENT, BIG BABOL, AIRHEADS. In addition to these global brands, Perfetti Van melle offers a wide range of products the popularity of which is rooted in individual, local and regional markets. The ability to develop products, versions and flavours that suits the different demands and opportunities of local markets is indeed one of the Groupsís key success